Sunday, January 14, 2007

Black-chinned Hummingbird Recapture

Though we are still without a wintering hummingbird (except for the rufous that stayed a week in September), we can enjoy one vicariously. Linda Beall, our good friend and the local hummingbird bander has recaptured a female Black-chinned hummingbird in her yard that was first banded in our yard on January 14, 2005. We first observed the bird on January 12 of the same year. Linda first observed the bird in her yard on January 12, 2007, exactly 2 years to the day. In 2005 we saw the female off and on (more off than on) throughout the winter. She had a unique white primary covert wing feather in 2005 and a slight bump on her bill. She still has both the white feather and the bump in 2007. Apparently this female winters in the Covington area and keeps a regular schedule. Click here to see photographs of the 2005 banding session.

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