Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mushrooms Decorate the Forests in Fall

Mushroom Amanita caesarea print
Mushroom Amanita caesarea by tiger45

Mushrooms abound in the forests during Autumn and it seems that more colorful ones appear in October and through early winter. The damp, cool weather of south Louisiana provides just the right growing conditions for mushrooms so that we have a continuous "bloom" on through spring.

Red Russula Mushroom print
Red Russula Mushroom by tiger45

We're not experts and do not attempt to eat any of the ones that we find, but rather enjoy photographing the unusual forms and colors of this fruit of the fungi. Here are a few shots of some of our favorites. We have tentatively identified them. If you'd like to see more photographs, you may enjoy visiting Fall Fungi - A Witches Brew.

Toad Stools in a partial fairy ring

Possible Bolettes