Thursday, May 24, 2007

Peace & Quiet Resumes

Our habitat is quiet again. The heavy equipment is gone and many of the animals have returned. A Red fox was caught on the Wildlife cam as he visited the log feeder in the clearing near the river one night. The wildlife cam also captured photos of 3 different sets of baby wood ducks that we think were raised in our 3 wood duck houses. The deer finally return after the devastation and are using our property as a safe haven. Five young Eastern Bluebirds fledged in early May and the parents begin building a new nest in mid May. By May 22 they have laid 4 beautiful blue eggs in the cypress box on the south end of the pond. At least 3 pairs of Great Crested flycatchers begin nesting in the area. One pair may be using the owl / kestrel house in the vegetable garden. The Carolina wrens and the flycatchers are keeping the vegetable garden almost insect free. The Carolina wren pair built a 2nd nest on the potting bench shelf and fledged 4 more young. A pair of Prothonotary Warblers began building a nest in Evelyn Cooper’s bluebird house that hosted a family of Carolina Chickadees earlier in the season.

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