Saturday, January 26, 2008


The old-fashioned Camellia japonica shrubs are in full bloom. Most of them have been blooming since late December. The cold snap browned up a few of the buds that were about to open, but the ones that were still tightly closed were not injured at all. The ones that are planted around the circular drive are about 15-20 feet high. We don't know all of their names, but we have been able to identify Purple Dawn, Louisiana Peppermint and one that some people call tri-color because there are three different blossom colors (solid pink, white and variegated) on the same plant. We also have several red ones, some of which have double and single flowers on the same plant. The double rosy pink ones are just gorgeous this year.

When they stop blooming, we are going to have to move one of the dark pink ones that was crushed by a pine tree during Katrina. It is now in the middle of a what will become a driveway. We already have a spot picked out. There are several small plants in the clump so we feel sure that most of them will survive the move. We pruned the roots around the plant last fall so that small, feeder roots would grow before we move it. That way there will be less transplant shock.

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